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Our Stories section is home to member blogs and news from Impact Tbilisi. Click through to read about learnings from peers on their impact journeys. You can also catch up from events and see what exciting things the Community is working on.

5 years of IMPACT
Interview with the co-founders of Impact Hub TbilisiKetevan Ebanoidze, Elene Jvania, George Akhalkatsi 5 years ago, we, three co-founders of
19 October 2021 | Impact Hub Tbilisi
Why Impact Hub in Tbilisi?
Because Georgia has achieved a stage where entrepreneurial and impact delivering ideas are valued and receive necessary support from investors,
13 September 2016 | Impact Hub Tbilisi
Hello world from sunny Georgia!
While choosing the topic to write about, we thought about several ideas, including posts about our space, our programs, future community or planned
11 September 2016 | Impact Hub Tbilisi
Impact Hub Tbilisi – The Hub inside a Big Hub!
We were lucky to find a group of young architects who are building a place in Tbilisi to bring together progressive-minded people. A place called
10 September 2016 | Impact Hub Tbilisi
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