Hello world from sunny Georgia!
11 September 2016 - Impact Hub Tbilisi
While choosing the topic to write about, we thought about several ideas, including posts about our space, our programs, future community or planned events, but finally agreed that guests of our HUBweb, especially international visitors, should first of all know who WE-Georgians are? So, we decided to very shortly introduce our country:
  • Georgia, or how we call it “Sakartvelo”, with its 3.7 million population is located at the eastern coast of the Black Sea and on the south of the Greater Caucasus mountains. It is bordered by Russia from the north and northeast, Azerbaijan from the east and southeast, Armenia and Turkey from the south;
  • Georgia is a country of ancient civilization, populated 1.7-1.8 million years ago. The archaeological excavations in the southeastern Georgia (Dmanisi) revealed human remains, which supposed to be the oldest inhabitants of Eurasia – “First Europeans”;
  • In early 4th century Georgia adopted Christianity as a state religion and Christian culture became one of the most significant features of Georgian identity;
  • Georgians were not only the first Europeans, but also the first winemakers. The country is known to be the oldest wine region in the world. Archeologists discovered 8.000 years old cultivated grapevines and Neolithic wine production, which is believed to be the first evidence of winemaking;
  • We have our own, unique language, spoken only in Georgia, with an incomparable beautiful 33-letter alphabet;
  • Tbilisi, the capital, with 1.1 million inhabitants, is the economic and administrative center of Georgia. Since the 5th century the city is a political, economical and cultural hub not only of Georgia, but also of the whole Caucasus;
  • Tbilisi historically has been home to people of diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds;
  • Tbilisi is a city where history meets modernity. Remains of its impressive and rich past can be seen everywhere, buildings dating back to the 14th, 17th and 19th centuries still remain in the old parts of Tbilisi;

Now when you know a bit more about our country, hope to see you soon in Georgia to explore more about “Sakartvelo”.