Why Impact Hub in Tbilisi?
13 September 2016 - Impact Hub Tbilisi
  • Because Georgia has achieved a stage where entrepreneurial and impact delivering ideas are valued and receive necessary support from investors, government and donors!
  • Because we believe that Impact Hub Tbilisi will be the first truly collaborative community in the city, enabling its members to unite for the greater social good!
  • Because we expect that ideas incubated and materialized in Impact Hub Tbilisi will have an important local and regional impact!
  • Because the young entrepreneurs, civil activists, professionals and other community members need a place to develop and implement their ideas for the further progress of the country!

We are excited to have a chance to join the global Impact Hub network soon. We believe that it will enable our local community members to have instant global outreach with potential partners in all major cities and collaborate with a universal goal of enabling people to make the world a better place.