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The Global Impact Hub Community is made up of over 15000 members globally. From San Francisco to Tbilisi nearly 85 communities in 5  continents have made a commitment to share networks, resources, connect and collaborate across borders.
We have a vibrant and rapidly growing community at Impact Hub Tbilisi. Though our members share the common trait of being courageous with their work and valuing connections with their peers. Their backgrounds and companies are very diverse. At Impact Hub Tbilisi you’ll find start ups, journalists, aid practitioners, graphic designers, advertising agencies and more!
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Scoot Scoot

Meet our members Giorgi Monavardisashvili and Giorgi Poporadze, two young entrepreneurs, who turned their own life style into…

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Leaders of Tomorrow

"We are travel lovers and we have decided to discover young people who are ready to pitch their ideas to the world. It&#…

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Arsen Somkhishvili

"My current role is Finance Manager of Global Rapid Response Team for World Vision International. I have almost 10 years…

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Christopher Beddow

“I am from Montana, USA, but am usually traveling between Europe and USA for work. Georgia is one of my favourite places, s…

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Salome Vakhtangadze

“I work remotely for Blockchain, trying to scale bitcoin transaction volume. I teach at Free University. I'm super pas…

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Conor Scott

"In 2016 my girlfriend and I drove from Paris to Tbilisi in a 1991 Peugeot, and we have been enjoying Georgia ever since…

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Neil Hauer

Canadian conflict and political analyst focused on the conflict in Syria, as well as the North Caucasus. Lifelong Caucasophil…

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Karen Kisakeni Sørensen

Meet our member Karen Kisakeni Sørensen - an international development practitioner specialized in innovation, communication…

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ForSet is a newly established organization specializing in effective communications about social issues using data, design, a…

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Zviad Aitsuradze

Meet Zviad Aitsuradze, director of „Finstore“- a fintech startup which aims to provide innovative financial products to i…

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Millennial Hub

Meet Millennial Hub – Rezo Charkviani, Vaska Chubinidze and Giorgi Tabatadze – loudest and funniest members of Impact Hu…

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Gulmira Ulakova

“I was born in Kyrgyzstan, lived in Russia and moved to Georgia 4 years ago. I completed my Masters in Political Science at…

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Nodar photo

Nodar Baghishvili

Nodar Baghishvili is a co-founder of Degustate Wine Club. Nodar together with his partners decided to create a product that w…

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Meet our members Andrew Rowat, Lusine Ter-Petrosyan and Vache Asatryan co-founders of Haystack.im. “Haystac…

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Nathan Rose

"Gamarjoba! (Hello) I'm Nathan from Wellington - just a short 35 hour flight away from Tbilisi. My main gig is writ…

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Giorgi Khachidze

“Most of my life is connected to sports – it is some-kind of journey in the world of sports. I have always wanted to be n…

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Natalia Antelava photo

Natalia Antelava

Natalia Antelava, one of our first members and a co-founder of Coda Story. Natalia is an Emmy-nominee and award winning journ…

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Amy photo

Amy Mackinnon

"I enjoy lying in the sun with a cad beer. If you want to see pictures of my cat add me on Facebook :). Discussing polit…

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Katia photo

Katia Patin

Coda Story was one of the first organizations that joined our community. Katia Patin is a journalist at Coda story and our lo…

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Sulkhan Bordzikashvili

"My main interest is the region of Caucasus with its history, culture and languages. I’m studying Caucasiology in my f…

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Andrey photo

Andrey Vlasov

Andrey Vlasov has been managing one of the best resort hotels in Georgia for the last 5 years. With his best friend Nodar Bag…

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mari nikuradze

Mari Nikuradze

"I am a co-founder and co-editor-in-chief of OC Media, which brings news and commentary, as well as unique stories from …

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Keti Kobakhidze

"Currently I work at DigitalHub where I make advertising posts for social media. I like my work and my profession. It’…

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Masho Chkheidze

"I have a financial background, but at some point I realized that I had different expectations in my life. I decided to …

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Dodie Kharkheli

“I'm planning and executing digital communication strategies for Chai-Khana.org and OC-media.org, working on raising t…

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photo Caroline

Caroline Sutcliffe

"I'm the founder of Chai Khana and and co-founder of Open Caucasus Media, two international media ventures reaching…

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Tamar Akhobadze

"At first tourism was just a hobby for me. However, it has become my profession for the last seven years. Right now I�…

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Morag Burnett

Morag Burnett is a Chair of Lankelly Chase, a grant-making foundation aiming to bring about lasting change in the lives of pe…

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Tatiana Remneva

"I’ve been living in Tbilisi for the last 4 years. Ex-PR specialist, based in Moscow, I decided to try something new h…

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Baia Dzagnidze

Baia Dzagnidze is a freelance writer, travel junkie, food lover and an amateur photographer. She majored in Mass Media and Co…

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David Bentley

David Bentley is a high school teacher from Australia and is working at Impact Hub Tbilisi for a short period. He is currentl…

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Nino Gogolashvili

"When I first heard about Impact Hub Tbilisi, I realized that it was exactly the place, where I had to be. It’s a plac…

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Ryan Millikan

After nearly 10 years of travel to and from Georgia, Ryan Millikan recently purchased a delivery van and drove to Tbilisi fro…

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Maggie Osdoby Katz

When Maggie Osdoby Katz moved back to Tbilisi in 2015, she kept asking “where’s the Impact Hub?”… A recovering diplom…

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Eric N Barrett

Our new member Eric N Barrett is a technologist who works with journalists in the former Soviet space to leverage data, techn…

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Gega Mgaloblishvili

Gega Mgaloblishvili joined us! Gega is a Professor of Strategic studies at the National Defense College of UAE…

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Rayhan Demytrie

We have BBC journalist in our community, meet Rayhan Demytrie! Rayhan is covering news and current affairs in …

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Remi Boissonnas

Remi Boissonnas is a small-scale entrepreneur who's currently learning Ruby on Rails to code the system they need at the…

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Vineyard Films

The group of diverse people from Vineyard Films brought good vibes into our community! Keti Machavariani: “Vineyard…

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Educare Georgia

Meet up our members Giorgi Jibladze and Razmik Badalyan, founders of Educare Georgia. Razmik Badalyan: We’re…

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Robin Forestier-Walker

Our Community is increasing day by day! Robin Forestier-Walker and his lovely dog Lisa joined us! Robin is a freelance film m…

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Tuta Marina Balavadze

The best graphic designer joined Impact Hub Tbilisi. Proud to have her in our community! Tuta Marina Balavadze: “One…

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Manana Muskhelishvili

Meet our first member Manana Muskhelishvili, founder of Ex:Sound Manana Muskhelishvili: "Ex:Sound is a concept th…

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Ian Goodrich

Here is our new member Ian Goodrich - experienced aid practitioner, having spent over eight years supporting humanitarian and…

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Coda Story

Coda Story joined Impact Hub Tbilisi - team of experienced reporters and editors, working to tell you stories you have never …

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Maia Morgoshia

Maia Morgishia: “We are the company that presents innovative, practical and simply nice products from the Netherlands, wher…

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