5 BIG reasons to fall in love with Impact Hub Tbilisi
9 September 2016 - Impact Hub Tbilisi
I’ve been an intern at Impact Hub Tbilisi for two months now, and even though I can count thousand reasons why I love this place so much, I will tell you just first five for the initial crush.


Impact Hub Tbilisi is a co-working space created for individuals and organizations who want to make a thriving social impact. There’s one large hall for individuals like freelancers, digital nomads, journalists or graphic designers to work at their private desks, and some separate offices for groups to meet, startups to create their first prototype, entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas, etc. You interact with new people every day, share ideas or have lunch together in a common kitchen.


Impact Hub is not just a place you come to work, finish at six and then go back home. By entering this place you become a member of diverse and vibrant community. On my first working day I got here straight after university final exam at Art History, where I wrote about French Art salons in 18th century – places where you could meet the most interesting people in Paris at that time. Impact Hub is something like that just in 21st century and without any absolutist monarchs involved.

International Network

At Impact Hub Tbilisi you can meet people from all over the world with so different professional backgrounds. I never heard about professions like policy entrepreneur, or UX designer before I started working here. But what’s even more overwhelming is the fact, that by becoming a member of Impact Hub in Tbilisi you become a member of all 90 Impact Hubs all over the world with more than 20 000 members involved. How cool is that?!


Impact Hub is located in Fabrika, the most artsy place in modern Tbilisi just ten minutes walk from Marjanishvili metro station and newly restored Aghmashenebeli Avenue. Fabrika itself includes hostel for low-budget travelers, bars and cafes, graffiti studio, bike lab, concept store and more. There’s always something happening here: starting from street-art workshops on weekends ending with discussion with President of Georgia himself.


D stands for drink/dance/dream/dive/deepen/develop/deliver. It’s a monthly community gathering event for Impact Hub members only. It’s a great chance for networking and just having fun. As a member of Impact Hub you also have free access to some cool workshops and seminars that took place here. At Impact Hub everything is about sharing: sharing interests, experiences, specific knowledge, food, drinks and just beautiful moments together.

Tamuna Jibuti